ADVERTISING – yorkshire
In my humble opinion there is no finer county than Yorkshire. Most of the images you see in these galleries have been shot in Yorkshire and the others were captured with a Yorkshire ‘born and bred’ finger pressing the shutter button. You would have to go well out of your way to find an advertising brief that professional photographer of ten years ‘Iain’ couldn’t fulfil. Whether editorial or web based your campaign could be greatly enhanced with the help of his always carefully produced and sometimes cleverly re-worked images. However the brief arrives and whereever it takes him, Iain engages with and enjoys the process of producing inspiring imagery. Many of the photographs you see in these galleries have developed from a commission but many have also been produced to be shown within a gallery context. Iain’s solo show at the ‘blacklight gallery’ in 2013 showcased these works.
Since junior school whilst obsessed with box modelling and drawing Iain has harboured a creative ability to make interesting and arresting things using his hands combined with the noodles in his head. It’s these egg based noodles that help come up with great ideas for shooting not only food but also interior design, architecture, fashion, gadgets and people.
With a moments notice Iain can be on hand with any form of lighting from his range of ARRI daylight compacts or Elinchrom high power flash in order to mastermind and produce truly original images. On location (within a landscape or in four walls) or in a studio he will capture the best possible shots to promote your company. This may be something as simple and as personal as company portraiture or something as cold and expansive as a new skyscraper (not that we have many in Yorkshire).
Iain often works along side a trusted stylist as well as a make-up artist to create the perfect image.

Whether you need advice on your whole campaign or just a few select images to enhance a placed advert then just ten minutes away in Huddersfield you will find trusty photographer Iain who is always on hand to help. His work has been featured on the front cover of international publications under IPC media (such as Beautiful Kitchens magazine). Advertising placements in ‘Grand Designs’ magazine have also used specially commissioned images produced by Iain. The green building store (who happened to personally manufacture windows for Kevin McCloud) have been more than happy to use Iain’s images in Ad’s within McCloud’s publication on more than one occasion. Consider that particular trumpet owned by myself well and truly blown. Such editorial or advertorial pieces often require an amount of photoshop post production work to hone the message to the greatest possible effect. ‘Lifestyle’ images on the other hand often need no more than the correct lighting and propping in the first place to create the correct aspirational feel. Iain is lucky enough to own some of the most trustworthy and revered lighting in the business. His range of ARRI daylight compact HMI’s can produce the closest thing to beautiful natural daylight with no need for anything more than 13amp plug sockets. Elinchrom flash can also be brought to the shoot and can be mixed with the HMI. Iain’s experience with these two forms of lighting and his ability to combine them with natural daylight is part of the skill-base that sets him apart from your average camera enthusiast. Iain doesn’t take all of the credit though, …most of his images have been collaborations between himself and trusted stylists as well as make-up artists. This band of creative types could be helping you with your next project to promote a range of steam mops or new fangled gadget for transplanting eye brows (for example). From sports personalities to kitchen blenders they have photographed it all.

Commissions come from far and wide covering all sorts of subject matter, Iain thoroughly enjoys fulfilling every brief!
Advertising agencies such as ‘Ewe’ may ring one week to get help creating eye catching images for Bradbury cheeses (peak district) and the next week it could be recipe shots for health regime company ‘bootea’. Whatever and wherever the challenge appears Iain is there in his trusty land rover full of gear to get the best possible results. He employs the most up-to-date lighting techniques (from ARRI daylight compacts to Elinchrom flash) to achieve the most flattering conditions which always helps towards getting the products looking great. The ‘look’ may need to be anything from commercial to lifestyle depending on the subject matter and potential audience, Iain will quickly understand the campaign ethos and get the images which ‘fit the bill’. If post production work is required using photoshop Iain has many years of experience in carefully and subtly retouching images to the best effect. Whether the images are intended for public relations pieces in local newspapers or national billboard campaigns Iain will get the shot. If the project calls for it Iain can call upon his trusted collaborators to help with set-building and propping. A trusted team which can include stylists and make-up artists can be banded together in minutes by the wonders of mobile phone technologies. ‘Bye ‘eck’ there were no such thing 19 years ago (1997) when Iain was embarking on his first photography course at Leeds college of Art. It was all about developing your own black and white film that you ran through your pentax MEsuper in order to then get messy with chemicals and enlargers in the dark room. His work has come a long way since those days, the learning curve is still continuing today as you never truly know it all. A fairly big landmark for Iain came in 2013 when he had his first solo exhibition of work in the ‘Blacklight’ gallery Huddersfield. It was well received and many pieces sold. It was the culmination of ten years of personal projects and covered landscapes to surrealism. This love for making images of all kinds is what fuels Iain’s on-going career of fulfilling advertising briefs for a wide range of clients. Food, fashion, lifestyle, furniture, architecture, interior design, ….He enjoys it all.